Face waxing and lash/brow tinting gives an immediate natural enhancement to your already gorgeous eyes!



Lash & Brow Tint

$25 Lashes or Brows

Services offered by Patrizia and Melissa.



Cirepil waxes are recognized worldwide as the finest in distinctive low temperature depilatory products. Cirepil facilitates exceptional hair removal services, surpassing all expectations!

  • Cirepil maintains the integrity of skin. 

  • It is the most trusted name in professional wax products! 

  • Gentle low temperature wax, applied very close to skin temperature. 

  • Innovative shrink wrap technology surpasses all waxes on the market. 

  • Less sticky and cleaner than traditional waxes. 

  • Gentle hair removal system. 

  • Superior anti-irritant ingredients to ensure less inflammation.  

$25 Brow Wax

$15 Lip Wax

$15 Chin Wax

$20 Cheek Wax

$60 Full Face Wax

Services offered by Patrizia and Melissa.