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Do you have trouble falling asleep? Staying asleep? Do you know if you snore or gasp for air during the night? Do you clench or grind your teeth, wake up with headaches, or suffer from fatigue?


Our Sleep Solutionzzz program is designed to identify and improve breathing dysfunctions and sleep interruptions, in order to help you reduce pain, restore function and promote sleep…so you can get back to living your best life possible!

Our Sleep Solutionzzz program includes:

home sleep tests

We conduct an initial home sleep test to determine your sleep baseline before you begin the Sleep Solutionzzz program, and a follow-up home sleep test at the end of the Sleep Solutionzzz program, to evaluate your final results.

orofacial myology

Our program includes an orofacial myology assessment, and 7 additional follow up sessions. Orofacial Myology incorporates rehabilitative exercises to build strength and restore function in the muscles of the face, tongue and neck. Studies show this form of exercise can reduce snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea by 62% in children and 50% in adults.

breathing biofeedback

A breathing biofeedback assessment and 4 follow up sessions identify hidden breathing dysfunctions that are holding you back from feeling your best. Easy adjustments to posture, breathing mechanics, and other breathing behaviors can restore your health in a profound and wonderful way!

manual therapy

Our Sleep Solutionzzz program includes 6 half hour manual therapy sessions. Cranial therapy is a deeply calming form of bodywork that can help relax the nervous system. Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy is a targeted manual therapy approach which serves to identify and correct any perpetuating factors contributing to chronic pain. Together, you and your therapist will determine which approach is best suited for you!

snore kit or insomnia kit

Our Snore Kit or Insomnia Kit includes products for you to use at home to help support your sleep each night.

Isn't it time you started sleeping better? Enroll in our Sleep Solutionzzz program today!

Sleep Solutionzzz Program 

Services offered by Daphne, Alfredo, Roger and Melissa.