Learn how to restore proper oral rest posture and function to some of the most important muscles in your body.

When the tongue, lips, and facial muscles work together in harmony, the whole body works better!

Orofacial Myology is a treatment approach that uses rehabilitative exercises to re-pattern the way we breathe, chew, swallow, and use the muscles in the face, mouth and tongue. These exercises can help decrease jaw pain, neck tension & headaches, reduce snoring and sleep apnea, improve posture, optimize breathing, prevent orthodontic relapse, improve facial esthetics & more!

The program always begins with a thorough one hour Initial Assessment to identify any specific orofacial myofunctional dysfunctions, and involves approximately 8 to 12 half hour follow up visits. Face, tongue, mouth, posture and breathing exercises are given at each visit, and supplies for at-home exercises are provided. Exercises are recommended to be performed at home three times each day for approximately ten minutes. Detailed measurements are conducted at each visit to track progress, and new exercises are given at each session to advance the therapy. 

On occasion, referrals to other health professionals for tongue tie, allergy testing and tonsil problems are required. After the 8 to 12 week program, a complete re-assessment is conducted before graduating from the program! Sometimes people will require further work, depending on the severity of their case, and on their compliance.

Orofacial Myology Initial Assessment 60 minutes - $200.00
Orofacial Myology Follow Up Visit 30 minutes - $85.00

50% off additional family members attending at the same office visit!

Services provided by: Melissa and Daphne


What Our Clients Are Saying

“I have been seeing Melissa Hernandez for the last 5 years.  She is tenacious with discovering the cause of pain or dysfunction in the body and making it better.  I have made substantial strides in improving my overall health during this time because of her ability to figure out which muscle groups are not firing appropriately, what might be compensating for something else and fixing it like magic!  I appreciate her wholistic approach to wellness and respect her commitment to continuous learning.  When Melissa shares a product to aid in healing – I know she has researched it thoroughly, tried in on herself and can recommend it wholeheartedly.  She is caring, curious, energetic and thoughtful.  As someone who is late to everything, I look forward to my monthly maintenance appointment with Melissa.  I hate to say it’s the only thing I am ever on time for, but it’s the truth -  I would never miss it!”

D. Hunt

Melissa has helped me so much with my chronic pain issues.  She knows more about the musculoskeletal system than anyone I know, and continuously updates her knowledge base with additional training and certifications.  Her treatment is always provided in a kind and caring manner, and she supplements the treatment with home exercises which help accelerate the healing process.  As a result of seeing her I have achieved an 80% improvement in my pain.  I would highly recommend her to anyone suffering from acute or chronic pain!

S. Kroner