Pain?  Restriction?  Get targeted results with detailed orthopedic & functional testing combined with focused hands-on manual therapy.

Myofascial trigger point therapy is a comprehensive rehabilitative manual therapy treatment approach designed to treat myofascial pain, addressing postural distortions and movement dysfunctions. 

After conducting a thorough patient history, pain patterns are charted, movement assessments are performed, and structural assessments are conducted. Restrictions and dysfunction within muscles and connective tissues are treated, in order to restore optimal neurological function and tissue hydration to the superficial & deep fascia layers, ligaments, joint capsules, and scar tissue. 

Myofascial trigger points are released utilizing compression on the trigger point during static, passive or active movement. Other forms of mechanoreceptor sensory input are effectively incorporated into the treatment, such as shear stretch, vibration, percussion, light touch, and more. Vapocoolant spray & stretch, muscle energy techniques, strain/counterstrain, and positional release, combined with passive, active and PNF stretches help to encourage the joints to return to their correct position, and the soft tissues to return to their normal resting length and function. Precipitating and perpetuating factors are addressed, and appropriate corrective home exercises are recommended.

Since this form of treatment requires movement during evaluation and treatment, it's recommended that you wear clothing you can stretch and move in, such as athletic shorts, tank top or sports bra. Please, no restrictive, thick or denim clothing!

Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy (30 min) 30 minutes - $50.00
Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy (60 min) 60 minutes - $100.00
Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy (75 min) 75 minutes - $125.00
Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy (90 min) 90 minutes - $150.00

Services provided by: Melissa, Paul, Carolyn, Daphne, and Vicky


What Our Clients Are Saying

“I am grateful to have access to the myofascial therapy treatment I receive at Full Circle Wellness. The therapists are very knowledgable and successful at getting clients out of pain and our bodies functioning properly. Each therapist is passionate about their profession and helping their clients. Full Circle Wellness myofascial therapists help me to lead an active life and continue to do the things I enjoy. It is with confidence that I recommend their services for anyone needing relief from pain and discomfort. “

M. Fitzgerald 

"What began as a single referral to Melissa Hernandez for a bad hip has become a lifeline for active aging.  After years trying chiropractic and acupuncture procedures, Melissa’s healing hands brought me the relief I sought. Melissa impresses me with her capacity to listen, ask probing questions, and creatively explore for root causes of discomfort and motion limitations.  Her explanations about the pain, weakness, or tightness provide anatomical details that identify how my body coped with past injuries, often compensating in ways that led to my current problems.  I always leave my myofascial treatments with less pain, increased mobility, and simple maintenance exercises to do at home."

S. Roberts

“Melissa Hernandez has been helping me manage and live with a chronic pain condition for a few years.  I find her to be a skilled professional who is caring, motivated, highly intelligent, energetic and deeply interested in working in partnership with her clients.  This has made a difference in working towards solutions.  After many years of difficult appointments with western medical doctors I found working with Melissa to be a refreshing and positive experience.  I look forward to my treatments in large part due to Melissa's skills as a good listener and a good communicator.  She has helped me to become better educated about my health needs, my healing and to take charge of my choices in a complex arena of health care options.  I know I can look forward to significant pain relief after a treatment.”

A.R. Torres

“Melissa assisted me in the healing of my injured shoulder. Her expertise and gentleness allowed for the myofascial release work to be as pleasant as possible. She has since helped me with recovery from various sports injuries.”

J. Pentz