Exfoliating treatments otherwise known as “peels” improve acne, diminish fine lines & wrinkles, and reduce hyper-pigmentation.

Peels can vary in type and intensity (from lighter to deeper peels), but essentially they all remove dead skin cells on the skin’s outer surface, speeding up the cellular turnover rate, revealing smoother more radiant skin. Exfoliating the skin also improves the penetration and absorption of active ingredients in your skin care products. Consult with your Licensed Skin Care Professional to determine which treatment is appropriate for your skin type and condition. Each exfoliating treatment can be performed alone, or with a facial, which includes customized masque preparations, extractions & massage. In most cases, best results can be achieved with a series of 6 to 12 treatments, scheduled 7 to 14 days apart, followed by monthly maintenance treatments.  Combine with a rejuvenating treatment for a non-surgical face-lift…Ah!

Lighter Peels



This popular mechanical exfoliating treatment utilizes a machine that combines suction with traditional mineral crystals that creates a “sand-blasting” effect, which effectively and immediately stimulates and exfoliates the skin.  Microdermabrasion can also be performed manually, using a diamond tip.

Microderm Facial $120 • Just the Microderm $80

Services offered by Melissa and Patrizia.



This AHA peel is the most popular of our chemical peels, as it is effectively treats acne, reduces wrinkles, and lightens hyper-pigmentation. 

Glycolic Facial $120 • Just the Glycolic Peel $80

Services offered by Melissa and Patrizia.



The Lactic Acid Peel is milder on skin than other peels, and well tolerated by most skin types including sensitive and rosacea skin. This peel removes the outer layers of thickened, damaged skin leaving a smoother and healthier appearance.  Lactic Acid is also a natural humectant, bringing moisture back to the skin, and tightening up enlarged pores. Great for mature, dry and sensitive skin.

Lactic Facial $120 • Just the Lactic Peel $80

Services offered by Melissa and Patrizia.



Enzymes gently and effectively exfoliate rough, flaky, congested skin by instantly removing dead skin cells, without irritation.  Enzyme peels are the most gentle of all exfoliating treatments

Enzyme Facial $120 • Just the Enzyme Peel $80

Services offered by Melissa and Patrizia.

Deeper Peels



This uniquely active formula contains significant concentrations of Vitamin A, combined with the resurfacing value of Lactic Acid.  This combination allows for deeper exfoliation of surface dead skin cells, as well as a powerful decongestive mechanism for the accumulation of lipids and oils surrounding the glands and hair follicles.  Vitamin A at this condensed level is known for its ability to stimulate and increase the production of healthy skin cells, thus visibly reducing the signs of aging and unwanted pigmentation.  The visual change of the skin can be significant with this peel.

Retinol Facial $120 • Just the Retinol Peel $80

Services offered by Melissa and Patrizia.



An AHA/Enzyme formula of Raw Pumpkin, Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, White Willow Bark and Bisbol. The keratolytic ability of this peel weakens protein bonds that hold dead skin cells together. As these bonds are weakened, the dead cells can be shed from the surface, resulting in skin that appears smooth and radiant.

Pumpkin Facial $120 • Just the Pumpkin Peel $80 

Services offered by Melissa and Patrizia.



Salicylic Peels, or BHA peels, are a highly effective peeling agents that are an excellent pore cleanser, due to the fact that it is lipophilic (oil soluble) so it penetrates sebum filled follicles. It is also anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.  This peel is excellent for treating acne, large pores, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation.  Acne is calmed and controlled even in the first treatment!

Salicylic Facial $120 • Just the Salicylic Peel $80

Services offered by Melissa and Patrizia.

Basic Facials 


Therapeutic Facial

Cleansing, skin analysis, steaming, relaxation massage, customized refinement & treatment masques, & extractions.

$120 per treatment

Services offered by Melissa and Patrizia.