Experience profound relaxation, improved cranial nerve function, and enhanced cranial motion with gentle balancing of the cranial-sacral system.

Cranial therapy is a deeply relaxing and extremely effective treatment approach, assessing and gently balancing the hydraulic cranial-sacral system, which generates our cranial rhythmic impulse. 

Empirical evidence substantiates the motion of the cranial bones, as well as the cranial rhythmic impulse. Our cranial-sacral system expands and contracts, similar to when we breathe, and is often referred to as our "primary respiratory mechanism". 

The brain and spinal cord are encased within a dural membrane, which attaches to the bones in the cranial vault, sacrum, coccyx, the upper cervical spine, as well as two of the suboccipital muscles. The dura connects these bones together as a system. Cerebrospinal fluid bathes and cushions the brain and spinal cord, carrying nutrients from the blood, and eliminating waste products from the brain. Improving cranial motion allows this pumping mechanism to circulate cerebrospinal fluid efficiently. 

The bones in the face and jaw do not attach to the dura, however the occlusion (the way the upper and lower teeth fit together when we bite), can have a powerful structural and neural impact on the cranial vault. Treatment of the face & jaw can be very beneficial. 

There are 12 very special cranial nerves that exit the cranium through tiny spaces called foramen on each side of the cranium. Alleviating sutural stress can help reduce irritation of the cranial nerves that exit through the cranial bones. Cranial nerves control sensation and movement of the eyes, ears, face, mouth, tongue, head and neck, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, as well as digestion. Cranial nerve assessments can be performed, and cranial neuro-sequencing can often help to integrate and normalize cranial nerve function over time. Our special senses...sight, smell, taste, hearing and balance are all driven by cranial nerves. Improving cranial nerve function allows us to experience the world in a much more enjoyable way!

Each suture between the bones of this cranial-facial-cervical-sacral system has a unique articulation and physiologic motion. Restoration of the natural motion within this system restores homeostasis to the nervous system, and allows the body to return to a profound sense of well-being. As a result, there can be a reduction and/or elimination in headaches, migraines, neck pain, jaw pain, sinus issues, low back pain, SI joint pain & more!

Cranial Therapy (60 min) 60 minutes - $100.00
Cranial Therapy (30 minutes) 30 minutes - $50.00

Services provided by: Melissa, Paul, Carolyn, and Daphne


What Our Clients Are Saying

“I initially sought cranial therapy services with Melissa Hernandez after being referred by my Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor. But what I have found at Full Circle Wellness Center is a level of care and service that goes far beyond any one form of therapy. I have found Melissa to be an expert in her field and a truly gifted practitioner. She approaches treatment with deep compassion and a desire to provide the best therapy with the greatest effect. I have experienced increased mobility, decreased pain, and relaxation techniques which have greatly benefited my whole body. I would recommend Melissa and Full Circle Wellness Center to anyone seeking education, treatment, and healing on every level!”

P Jennings

“After trying many, many different treatments for chronic occipital neuralgia, I was referred to Melissa. From the beginning her compassionate and intuitive approach provided relief. Sometimes small, sometimes large shifts in my body’s mechanics happen with each visit and I am always delighted to see what unfolds.”

A. Villa-Stanley