Do you suffer from chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, panic, irritability, have difficulty with memory, or have trouble concentrating? A dysfunctional breathing habit could explain your symptoms. Find out with breathing biofeedback! 

Various circumstances and life experiences can influence how we learn to breathe, and these breathing habits can be a hidden cause for many uncomfortable symptoms…symptoms which are often mistakenly attributed to other causes.

Biofeedback helps us take a peek into the mind-body connection, and can identify any hidden relationships between your breathing behavior and your symptoms.

Biofeedback equipment is easy to use and comfortable to wear. These instruments rapidly and accurately “feed back” valuable information from the body, such as respiration rate, heart rate variability, muscle activity, and CO2 levels, often in conjunction with thoughts, feelings, postural changes, activities and behaviors.

If we can determine that breathing habits are linked to your symptoms, we can use this data to help you learn how to understand why you feel the way you do, and empower you to self-regulate your most troubling symptoms. Easy adjustments to posture, breathing mechanics, and other breathing behaviors can restore your health in a profound and wonderful way.

Over the course of several follow up visits, you can learn how to guide yourself back to a state of healthy breathing and improved well-being!

Research shows that just 4 weeks of biofeedback training allows for dramatic symptom management, better than therapy and medication combined. The results of biofeedback last long term & even get better over time.

Biofeedback can be the stepping stone toward living a better life. Let us show you how.

Our 12 month program includes an initial assessment, four one-hour biofeedback sessions, the Power of Calm book & iPhone app for daily breathing exercises, and monthly brief check-ins over the course of one year!

12 Month Breathing Biofeedback Program $1500

Services offered by Roger and Alfredo.